Our Story

The Glen was founded in 1994 by Cyril Hennessy whose founding motivation for The Glen was the suffering of the community at the hands of drugs and alcohol addiction. The Glen was and still is today, driven to get men (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) out of the criminal justice system and into treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction, which causes the offending behaviours. 

The Board at The Glen, led by Chairperson Coral Hennessy, are passionate about delivering a best practice, high quality, culturally appropriate drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation service for men. We have been doing this for many years now, 26 to be exact.

We’ve always known that there’s a need to offer something similar to women who also suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. The Board at The Glen identified this as a priority for the 2019 and beyond. We are determined that this ‘culturally appropriate women’s service’ gets set up. We are determined to do this, and to do it well.​

In April 2019, we received the exciting news that the Federal government has committed $9m to make this women’s service a reality! The hard work begins now and in early planning stages. We have 3 separate committees undertaking planning for the centre around Legal, Property and Operations.

Thank you to everyone in the community for supporting The Glen and our helping us make "The Glen for Women" a reality.